Remote support

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Remote support

All our machines are equipped with a VPN gateway so they can connect to the Internet. The advantage is that we can assist you from afar, for example in case of machine malfunctions. This enables us to respond more quickly to changes and disruptions, resulting in shorter downtimes.
Via the VPN gateway, we can support you in the following ways:
1. Diagnosing the problem in the event of a machine malfunction.
2. Making changes to the PLC program.
3. With operator support.
4. Reading out log data.

If your machine malfunctions, we can monitor its control in real time via the VPN connection. Together with tech support, we will try to solve your problem as quickly as possible. If it is not possible to solve the problem rapidly, we will look for a (temporary) work-around, so that you can still continue the production.

The fact that we can make changes to the program remotely means that we do not have to come to you for every malfunction. This saves you time (before we can help you) and money (travel costs). It is also easier in this way to “test the waters”, so that we can see together whether something makes sense as a final application.

We can also support you, for instance, by adjusting the settings of a particular configuration online or by taking care of the configuration for you when you purchase a new tool. To do this, we log a number of signals in the RDC and put them in log files that we can retrieve via the VPN. After importing them, for instance in Excel, we can interpret the signals.