Madern is an established group of suppliers of custom-made rotary converting tools and solutions for the cardboard packaging industry. This group consists out of Madern International, Madern Asia, Madern USA and Evers International. Madern’s main specialism are solutions for the converting of cardboard packaging for the tobacco, liquid and general folding cartons industry. However Madern has also proven expertise in solutions for labels, plastic, metals and non-woven materials.

Modern rotary converting solutions

The Madern rotary die cutters and tools are suited for high volumes of carton converting compared to flat-bed die-cutters which are suited for short runs. Madern rotary converting solutions work with web widths up to 1720 mm and running speeds up to 600 m/min. Over the past years rotary die cutting has proven to be economically efficient, handeling carton converting of any size due to its continuous process and efficient production method.

High-end resources

Madern works with the best high-end materials, engineers and craftsman. With ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in Europe and the U.S.A. and sales departments in Europe, U.S.A. and Asia, Madern can meet all your rotary die requirements for the efficient production of folding cartons and provide 24/7 worldwide customers support.

Our portfolio

To get an impression view Madern’s comprehensive portfolio for an overview of the custom-made premium quality products that were engineered and manufactured during the years. From small parts, segments and a wide range of cutting, creasing, embossing and punching tools, alongside converting equipment such as transport carts, top frames and rotary die cutters with delivery systems. The final configuration of your converting solution depends on your wishes and needs, the required machine performance and the type of products to be converted.

Substrate materials:

  • Cardboard (organic, recycled, coated, finished, laminated, bleached)
    >200 grams per square meter
    Used for all kinds of packaging application in the tobacco, liquid and general folding industry.
  • Paper (organic, recycled, coated, finished, bleached)
    <160 grams per square meter
    Used for application such as tobacco soft packs.
  • Film (polyethylene, polypropylene, bi-oriented polypropylene, polyester)
    Used for application such as labels, pat coating and artificial grass.
  • Non-woven
    Used for application such as coffee pads, handkerchiefs, hygienic pads and diapers.
  • Metal
    Used for application such as yoghurt lids.