From idea to roatry converting solution

Always on the lookout for new rotary converting solutions

Ever since Madern started its operations on the rotary converting market, we have prioritized investments in R&D and innovations. In addition to the voice of the market/customer as a key driver of innovation, we also have a strong internal drive to realize product and production innovations.

For example, the market’s need for quicker job changes led to the development of the RiRo converting system, which we now supply in three versions. Within this concept, we are constantly innovating; examples of innovations are automatic tool change and machine monitoring. Our challenge for the future is to make the advantages of rotary converting interesting for smaller volumes (i.e. batch sizes) as well. For instance, we are working on a concept for a new generation of systems and associated tooling that will enable us to significantly reduce the TCO, and the production costs per blank for smaller production volumes along with it.

Transparency and better predictability

We increase the transparency and predictability of the thermal and dynamic tool behavior through modelling and testing. Among other things, this led to the determination of critical rotation speeds for a tool set that would allow us to better prevent production at critical web speeds. In addition, we are continuously working on improving tool performance with materials and coatings.

Innovation of the manufacturing process

In addition to product innovations, we pay a lot of attention to innovating the manufacturing process for improving and securing the quality of the end product. In addition to optimal machinery, we also look at improved machining strategies and specific measuring equipment for quality assurance.